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Ở sân bay, ĐỪNG BAO GIỜ cầm giùm chai nước hay bất cứ thứ gì cho ai, dù là trong vài giây.

Bởi BẠN CÓ THỂ BỊ BẮT vì sở hữu ma túy hoặc thuốc cấm. Ở Singapore hay Dubai, điều này có nghĩa bạn sẽ đối mặt với nguy cơ bị TỬ HÌNH.

Đây là lời cảnh báo của một nhân viên làm việc tại sân bay.

Nếu bạn mua một chai nước ở sân bay, hãy kiểm tra nó cho kỹ trước khi lấy. Coi chừng nhận phải chai nước giả.


Tại sân bay hay bất cứ nơi nào gần với dịch vụ hải quan, đừng bao giờ giúp người ta cầm chai nước hay vật gì khác, cho dù đó là người già hay phụ nữ mang thai.


Xem đoạn clip do Hải quan Mỹ cung cấp để hiểu thêm vì sao chai nước lại nguy hiểm đến thế. Những kẻ buôn thuốc phiện quả thực rất cao tay!

Theo Bùi Dzũ


5 Things You Shouldn’t Do in an Airport

Imagine this… You’ve picked up some cheap international flights and are on your way to the airport. Everything seems fine until you get there and all of a sudden something goes completely wrong. You end up stuck in that little room trying to explain what just happened. For many years unpredictable situations have occurred in airports all across the country, they’ve even made TV shows about it. At some point or another, someone will decide that they would make the mistake of doing something they shouldn’t have done in an airport.

If you’ve ever seen the movie, “Meet The Parents”, then you would know that it wouldn’t be such a good idea to act out in an airport. You may cause yourself to end up in a jail cell with a big guy named Bubba and we wouldn’t want that now would we? You might want to ask yourself these questions first before going into an airport. Do I have anything suspicious in my suitcase? Am I wearing the right attire? You even have to be extra careful in how you use your words. Things have changed over the years, people are more sensitive at airports because of situations in the past. You think to yourself, “well that wouldn’t happen to me, what can I possibly do to cause a problem in an airport?” Well here it is:

Here are 5 Things You Should Not Do in an Airport

1. Do not say the word bomb, explode, bang or “in my shoe”

This would probably be at the top of the list of things you should not do in an airport. This would definitely get you kicked off the plane faster than you can say the word “bomb” ever again. No one wants to hear the word bomb, especially in an airport. Not only will you regret saying it, you’ll attract unwanted attention and who knows where that will take you!



Kids with a Scribe in hand for making circles on the ice

Dave and Deb: My dad did this once when I was very young. I was going to Colorado to train for figure skating at the Broadmoore arena in Colorado Springs. It was back in the days where there was still figures in figure skating and when practicing, we used a big metal scribe to draw our circles. Think of the old compasses that you used in grade school. The ones with the pointy end and then your pencil fit into the other end as your twirled it around. well that’s what I had. When it was all folded up, it did look like a gun. Dad made a joke that it was a gun. Can you imagine that today? We’d be thrown in a very small quite room.

2. Do not wear your sunglasses inside

People might get the wrong idea and think that you are a fleeing fugitive trying to hide your identity. There’s nothing worse than being a victim of a mistaken identity, it can take forever for them to realize they have the wrong person. You might even get arrested and miss your flight, all because you wanted to look cool. I guess wearing a wig along with the sunglasses would be worse, but who’s to say I’m wrong. Remember, you can look cool elsewhere, airports aren’t the place.

sunglasses on an airplane

Sunglasses are fine on the Airplane, but take them off in the Airport

Dave and Deb: I have had this happen. I wear prescription glasses and many times I will wear prescription sunglasses. I am quite near sighted and can’t see at all without my glasses. If I have my prescription sunglasses on, I don’t think of taking them off when approaching the counter because it is the only way I can see. I have had a stern talking to once when going up to clear immigration with my sunglasses. It only happened once, and now I am very careful, not to wear my prescription glasses.

3. Do not reach into your jacket directly after setting off the metal detector

Even if you’re not the type to carry a weapon, if they think you do, then you’re better off throwing yourself on the ground and putting your hands up or you might get shot! It would be a shame to end up with a gun wound or taser to the neck for pulling out a piece of chewing gum.


security detector no-no

Dave and Deb: This, I never would have thought of, but what a good point.

4. Do not carry bulk packages of tea leaves in your bag

I know grandmas love those tea leaves, (and so do Dave and Deb!) but it might get you kicked out of the airport or even arrested. You may even have to wait hours before they even clear you to leave. To avoid all the humiliation it might be best if you leave those tea bags at home, you can get some more when you’re travelling.

tea-terraces-sri-lankaEnjoy the Tea Abroad, just don’t go overboard with bags and bags

DnD: Our old neighbour used to go to Jamaica twice a year. One time he came home with coffee for everyone in the building and all his friends. He ended up giving us our coffee in ziplock bags because the officials went through it with a fine tooth comb. He was infuriated and couldn’t understand why they ruined all his coffee. We were like duh, you don’t bring copious amounts of coffee home from Jamaica without looking suspicious.

5. Do not pat a sniffer dog

Many of these dogs are trained to sniff out drugs and bombs and that includes the bad guys that carry them. They’re not exactly the ‘making friends’ type! If you do, you might end up being dragged around the airport in more ways than one. You might even end up getting a one way ticket to the emergency room instead of your intended destination. Making your airport experience one you will never wish to have again and an embarrassing story to tell your friends!

dogs at airport security

small dogs doing serious business

DnD: We saw a really cute dog sniffing for fruits and vegetables in Australia. It was so tempting to give it a little pat but we refrained. This one probably wouldn’t have dragged us around the airport, but I had a feeling we would be arrested or something. We never ever interact with dogs, officials, security or anybody unless they first talk to us. Yep, I’m probably paranoid, but I prefer to get though the airport with as little drama as possible.

Although it is not always likely, it can definitely be a possibility. Situations like this can occur in an airport if you’re not careful. What you do, say or wear could land you on the next Airport TV show and not in a good way! There’s a lot of things people should not do in an airport, but for some strange reason it happens anyway.

Find some cheap flights and accommodation and enjoy your holiday. If you do any of these, than don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Do you have any funny  (or terrifying) stories  that have happened to you in an airport? We’d love to hear!



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